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From: Michael <piccard@***********.COM.AU>
Subject: Re: Funny Card Captions
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 13:37:59 +1000
> >> I still prever Booby trap's text.
> >> unfortanatly I don't have a copy of the card here, but
> >> it's something like:
> >> "Hey, someone left a briefcaaaaaaaa....... "
> >
> >My favorite right from the beginning (my first Starter Pack) was Gore
> >Tusk's "I crap things bigger than you punk" - real anti-social ;-)
> I do admit I like the Feeding Ghouls a lot, but the one that had me
> laughing was on Dante: "I'm not even supposed to be here today...."
> God knows I've seen Clerks enough to know that one..........
> Cheers,
> Jon

The card captions, by and large, are sensational.

Another for considearation, The Walther Palm Pistol (a stinger) it reads
(oh, there is a picture of a woman on the card)

"you hid that WHERE?"

And i would like to suggest one for a future weapon card. The quote from
Jackie Brown
"When you absolutely positively have to kill every m____f__er in the room"



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