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From: Matb <mbreton@**.NETCOM.COM>
Subject: Re: bad cards
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 23:08:54 -0800
Lodewijk Roskott wrote:

> we already got the best cards top 10
> now let us c what r the 5 most suckiest cards.

There are no sucky cards! Well, maybe.

1. Ricochet: An even more limited version of Deja Vu. OK, if you're
doing a *lot* of D6 rolling in a heavy Burst Fire deck, this might work
(it frees the Deja Vus up for using them on Mr. Blacks, I guess). But
for a card that can be used with only *six* other cards, it's weak.
And, surprise, this card is going to get an overhaul Real Soon Now.

2. Detect Enemies: For the same cost as Invisibility and Sleep, I get
to target fewer Challenges. OK, I get to pull out safely (where Sleep
poses a small risk), but that just exposes me to the Bounty Hunter.
I've suggested to Mike and Jim a couple different ways to fix the card,
so this might also get an overhaul.

3. Corporate Secretary: A lot of people have complained about her; I
honestly don't find her that bad; maybe dropping the usage cost to 2Y
would solve things (maybe not).

4. Suicide Run. I think I've mentioned this one elsewhere - in
comparison with Just a Rumor, it just doesn't hold up that well. (If
you add in the cost of the Runner you're fragging, JaR costs less, can
be used more often, and only has a 1-in-6 less chance of working.)

5. Brain Fart. OK, funny name; outside of that, I'd rather use a Bad
Lunch (which would keep the mage from using spells on a shadowrun); Poor
Craftsmanship (which might cost more, but will *definitely* drop the
spell); Major Drain (which doesn't stop the spell, but will usually drop
the mage); or Operation Up and Over, which has almost as good a chance
of stopping the spell. Brain Fart ought to trash the spell; or cancel
the spell and remain in play.

And that's it! Remington 750 -- nah, that's a cool piece of Gear, you
just have to work with it. Skillsofts are cool with The Brain, and were
never that bad (and consider the possibilities of Outstanding
Performance again). So I'm glad to see out of - what, now close to five
hundred cards? - only five have my thumbs down.

- Matt

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