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From: Jon Palmer <jmp225@***.EDU>
Subject: Re: bad cards
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 23:24:42 -0500
>we already got the best cards top 10
>now let us c what r the 5 most suckiest cards.

Again, more base set stuff. And it's gotta be all rares, if they're not
rare, I don't mind them being crappy.

1. Remington 750 - use the Ranger X, for pete's sake.
2. Adam Bomb - Not worthy of 'promo' status.
3. Guardian Elemental - There's exactly TWO guys in the base set (Wishbone
& Pappy) who can use this and survive a bad roll. That sucks.
4. Camo - does it DO anything? Blech. I've never worried THAT much about
Black Hammer
5. Kamikaze Run - Just an overall lame objective. I don't WANT my guys to
die, thank you.

Honorable Mention: A whole bunch of the rare specials & stingers.

Jon Palmer


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