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From: "Jens P. DrÀger" <a1616@****.UNI-BAYREUTH.DE>
Subject: Re: Lone Star Deck Ideas
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 09:25:42 +0200
Daniel M Perez wrote:
> Hello. I'd like to build a Lone Star deck to play against my buddies.
> However, even though I've been collecting the game since it came out,
> I've never built a deck by myself, so I'm still rusty in that dept.


> Lone Star deck
> Duncan x4 These 4 runners provide the LS base of the deck.
> Mendez x2
> Sisko x4
> Wildfire x1
> Drake x1 Skills
> Ice Queen x1 Skills and ability
> Moonshadow x1 Skills and ability
> Ajax x2 piloting
> Foxy Roxy x1 social slut
> Hatchetman x1 Skills

I figured out that it's always a good idea to have a Cherry Bomb to keep
in your hand as a stinger and blast your opponent's location - she's
also got some fine demolition skill if you run across a Minefield...

> Elite Security Mage x2 Pumpable and scary
> Flock of Geese x1 Alarm Trigger
> Maglocks x3 non-sleaze
> Nets x2 non-sleaze
> Yakuza Assassin hard challenge

As you got only 60 cards to play with so far, you should definitely add
more challenges. Remember, any one Objective can only be intercepted
once A GAME - so if you already had to intercept once and have no more
challenges to play, well your opponent will take the objective...

> Lone Star Drone x4 Help to the LS runners
> Maglock Passkey vs. Maglocks and barriers

You might want to add some Weapons for your runners to cause some damage
on challenges or other runner in combat. You have hardly any runners
dealing out damage and you should never just rely on your sleaze skills
to win the game. There are still some Wanteds out there or Z-Zones or
Change of Plans which might all get you into heavy combat... Maybe 2
Katanas and Berretas wouldn't be that bad and a spell or teo for
Wildfire (not only to give him armor).

> Lone Star HQ x2 help my LS runners
> Lone Star Lock-Up x2 Get some money of arresting

Good idea here - increase body and damage of Lone Star Runners, but
always remember that there might be some Cherry Bomb out there. Never
rely on only one thing!

> Lone Star Surveillance x2 LS theme
> Long Arm of the Law x3 LS theme, arrest
> Nerps! x1 magic bullet
> 911 x2 arrest
> Lone Star Undercover x2 use my opponents runners vs. him
> Riot Foam x3 vs. Personel challenge, cancel Riots (heavy around here)
> State of Confusion x1 good security card
> Change of Plans x1 change their plans
> False Mentor x1 every deck should have 1
> GAQS x3 get runners back to safehouse
> LOI x3 make luck be on my side
> Whoops! x2 make them lose that one sleaze skill at the right time

You definitely have to cut some cards here - by the way: Lone Star
Undercover is unique and may only be in your deck once!
Try not to have more than 70 cards in your deck - a good combination
(have a look at Lokis Elf deck) would be to have 15-20 runner, 10-15
gear, 1-2 contacts, 2-4 locations, 20 challenges (better a few too much
than not enough) and not more than 10 specials...

> Street Wars x2 good with my LS runners
> Sucker Run x1 bleed off challenges

Maybe some more STreet Wars as you really have some Lone Stars in

Hope that helped!

Jens P.


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