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From: Phil Jaros <chakan@****.PYROTECHNICS.COM>
Subject: My new and approved Shaman Deck
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 06:09:14 -0600
Well I figured I'ld post some of my new and improved decks. Underworld has
added alot of power to my SHaman deck so I figured I'ld post it first.
I'll post my Yakuza, Mafia, and Anti-Runner decks in the next week or
so. THe Anti-Runner deck is really nasty, but tends to be really slow
to start reputation-wise. However it rarely gives up any Reputation
to my opponent.

WIthout further ado my Shaman deck:

Runners (15)
1 Drake
4 Hawkwind
1 Knuckles
4 Moon Shadow
1 Scorpio
1 Stomper
2 Tin Man
1 Titan

Basically I end up taking 2 Shamans with an Ally Spirit or two along with
4 tough guys, and pound through the challenges. You dump most of the damage
on a big runner, and then use Biotech to heal them if they don't have stamina
or are near death.

Gear (8)
4 Ally Spirit
2 Doc Wagon Platinum
1 Jinx Spirit
1 Protective Spirit

Ally Spirits and Doc Wagons work wonders with a Tactics converge and the
Doc Wagon keeps Tin Man alive at the end of a turn when you can't get biotech
to him in time. The Protective Spirit and Jinx Spirit are really bargins,
since the Jinx doesn't count towards the spirits used in a shadowrun and the
Protective spirit works with Moon Shadow in the Safe house.

Contacts (2)
2 Squatter

I can't say enough about this card. I get back my challenges for 5 nuyen
and can easily get back a much needed DWP, Ally or Protective Spirit.

Locations: (1)
1 Club Vortex

It keeps all of my Runners turned and works like a poor mans Tin Man.

Specials: (13)
1 All or Nothing
4 Bear Totem
1 Blindsided
1 False Mentor
2 GAQs
1 Reinforcements
1 State of Confusion
2 Tactics: COnverge

More of the same for me. The use of T:C is described above and Bear Totem
is simply a steal. Heheheh the 7/6 (A2) Hawkwind is great...

Challenges: (21)
1 Booby Trap
2 Chomps 2000
1 Elite Security Mage
1 Guardian Dracoform
1 Fusion Gate
1 Hellish Traffic
2 Highway Showdown
2 Hunting Gargoyles
1 Killer Drone
1 Mafia Goons
1 Maglocks
1 Minefield
1 Pressure Plates
2 The Big Chase
1 Yakuza Hit Squad
1 Yakuza Assassin
1 WIdow's Trap

Since my Objectives do not benifit a particular set of challenges, I ended
up going with some of the more useful individual challenges. The reason
for the wide variety, is because I would like to have something available
to play on what ever challenge my opponent plays.

Objectives: (6)
4 Haunted High RIse
2 Hell House

Well the Sucker Runs are gone thanks to FASA's lame ruling on them not
counting towards the number of objectives in a deck. Hell House keeps
my opponent from using the Runners that I kill off with my challenges,
and if they play the Thug deck it usually makes them pay big time...

Phil Jaros 888888888
chakan@************.com O=O=O=O=O
``"""""< `=-~-='
Chakan `| ^ |'
The Forever Man / | =-= | \
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