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From: Matb <mbreton@**.NETCOM.COM>
Subject: Re: Lone Star Deck Ideas
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 06:27:50 -0800
Crane wrote:

OK, this is my first time critiquing a deck dritique. However, I found
too many of the suggestions offered only thwarted the intention of the
deck, and, in some cases simply seemed to be overlaying one person's
favorite cards over another.

> Hey I'm building a Lone Star Deck (and love Tori) too!

> <deck review mode>/
> >> Duncan x4 These 4 runners provide the LS base of the deck.
> >> Mendez x2
> >> Sisko x4
> >> Wildfire x1
> >> Drake x1 Skills
> >> Ice Queen x1 Skills and ability
> >> Moonshadow x1 Skills and ability
> >> Ajax x2 piloting
> >> Foxy Roxy x1 social slut
> >> Hatchetman x1 Skills
> >> Elite Security Mage x2 Pumpable and scary
> >> Flock of Geese x1 Alarm Trigger
> >> Maglocks x3 non-sleaze
> >> Nets x2 non-sleaze
> >> Yakuza Assassin hard challenge
> >> Lone Star Drone x4 Help to the LS runners
> >> Maglock Passkey vs. Maglocks and barriers
> >> Lone Star HQ x2 help my LS runners
> >> Lone Star Lock-Up x2 Get some money of arresting
> >> Lone Star Surveillance x2 LS theme
> >> Long Arm of the Law x3 LS theme, arrest
> >> Nerps! x1 magic bullet
> >> 911 x2 arrest
> >> Lone Star Undercover x2 use my opponents runners vs. him
> >> Riot Foam x3 vs. Personel challenge, cancel Riots (heavy around here)
> >> State of Confusion x1 good security card
> >> Change of Plans x1 change their plans
> >> False Mentor x1 every deck should have 1
> >> GAQS x3 get runners back to safehouse
> >> LOI x3 make luck be on my side
> >> Whoops! x2 make them lose that one sleaze skill at the
> right time
> >
> >> Street Wars x2 good with my LS runners
> >> Sucker Run x1 bleed off challenges
> VS.
> -2 Duncans (you have enough street)
> -3 Siskos (he doesn't have any skills)
> -2 Ajax (just for 1 skill, I wouldn't)
> +2 Scorpio (Skills, ability)
> +1 Foxy Roxy (ability)
> +1 Ivan (Theme)

Have to disagree with these. The objective, of course, is to have *Lone
Star* Runners, now a few Lone Star Runners and a bunch of other people.
While Ivan should be added (if Dan has one), I can't see adding in the
Scorpios (hello, average-cost-to-deploy) or the other Foxy Roxy (Riots

> +3 Thrash (your main problem is money)

...until he has the LSL in play. Also, the average cost of his Runners
was down around four or so, until you added the other Scorpios and Ivan.

By the way: He doesn't have enough skills. Besides sometimes offering
money (and making himself a clear target for The Price of Fame, Burnout,
and a couple of other special effects), what does Thrash add to the
deck? Sisko has the same stats, plus armor, plus a defensive use
against another LS deck.

> -2 Nets (too weak)
> -3 Maglocks (too weak)
> -1 Flock of Geese (too weak, for this deck)

Ix-nay. There should be, however, a number of Lone Star Challenges
(which are pretty easy sleaze-wise, which is why the FoG is needed.)
Hey, with four HQs in play, the Lone Star Patrol becomes a *pumpable*
10/10 (A2)!

> -4 LS Drone (with 1 LS HQ all your LS guys are at least 4/4)

This, I agree with. Trade two in for Muscle Replacement, however
(giving you the Athletics skill) or.. or.. something.

> -1 LS Undercover (you know why)
> -1 Change of Plans (open a card slot)
> -2 Whoops! (why lose 'em a skill and still have him there to take some
> <they'll divide it right> of the damage, when you can send him home and
> concentrate more fire on the others...)

...Because sometimes you can hose the Whoops!ed Runner, too. Whoops!
also has its uses outside shadowrunning. It's a *great* card, but often

> +3 W.Goose Chase (acts like a challenge that can't be sleazed)

...but can be LOTId. I'd rather see three real Challenges.

> +1 Guardian Dracoform (almost every deck should have one)


> +1 Squatter

Rare. And what's he doing here?

> +1 Elven Hitman

Let's keep it an LS-themed deck.

> +4 Beat Cops
> +2 Yakuza Assasins
> +2 LS Sergeant!
> -1 Riot Foam(card slot)

He's stated putting the card in for good reasons; keep it.

> -1 GAQ
> -1 LAoTL
> +2 Minefields
> +1 Ivan

Is this a second one or...?

> -2 911 (too small a chance to work)

Without a good dose of Siskos to pump the roll, that is. In a LS deck,
it rocks.

> +2 Cowards

Only usable when you put in the Wild Goose Chases, and leave the number
of GAQS intact; NOT a good choice in this deck.

> -1 NERPS! (i'm no longer a NERPS! fan)

On the other hand: there's not a lot of gear in the deck, so NERPS helps
on that end.

> Objectives:
> -2 Street Wars
> +4 Operation Cotton Mouth
> +2 Overseas Interests (make 'em spend money, dont run on these unless you
> have a mafia/yakuza deck, and even then it isn't always free)

... OK, so the deck doesn't have a lot of money (and even three Thrashes
won't alter that very much). So now we put in Wild Goose Chase (4Y, one
turn delay, possible to thwart); Squatter and the Elven Hitman -- both
of which require 5Y to be used; and use Objectives that he has to spend
*more* money to even attempt?

Street Wars is a good choice in running with the theme; I'd be tempted
to go for a few more of the First Run Objectives, and am really tempted
to suggest Bug Challenges (hey, if he's going for beefcake....)

What you forgot was x2 Media Chicks, to play COPS on the TV. :)

- Matt

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