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From: "MICHAEL J. HOFSISS" <michael.j.hofsiss@***.COM>
Subject: Re[2]: Underworld & Deck Trouble
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 07:43:43 -0800
I am currently working on a Mafia/Yakuza/corruption deck, where the theme is
just total evil. This is in response to the deck my close counterpart is
making, a total law abiding deck, not a complete lone star deck, but close.
Since we both have an affinity towards magic users, we have them in both decks
to this point. Maybe I am too new to the list, but we have been playing for a
while and she has always had more elves than me and done quite well. I do not
think more Lokis is the answer, and if you want to keep it strictly elf/mafia,
any lone star cards will through off your theme (remember, I am a traditionalist
here). I would love to see your deck to get a better idea of how you have
constructed it. A suggestion I would have is to place some of the more powerful
samurai or other such elf cards in the deck. Yes, they are not specifically
mafia, but think about it, the mafia would hire both samurai and mercenaries, so
they would still fit with your theme. Of course, it is early and I could just
be babbling, since I have yet to have a full cup of java. Keep running.


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Subject: Re: Underworld & Deck Trouble
Author: Shadowrun Trading Card Game Discussion <SRCARD@********.ITRIBE.NET> at
Date: 4/1/98 9:20 PM

In a message dated 98-03-29 18:11:58 EST, you write:

<< Hi!

I'm having considerable difficulty building a strong deck including
Underworld cards. I've playtested an Elf/ Mafia deck, but the Trolls
still walk through the Beat'em Up Objectives. I rarely get those Lokis
out/ on hand quick enough, and I can't pack my deck full of
Troll-targetting Specials for lack of Chgallenges. I hope someone out
there can advise me if I should still use my boring Troll deck, or how
to make a deck that beats it (since our prevailing champ uses quite a
similar one). I think the Torgo danger is still too great to risk an
all-elves deck. ---Felix

Lone Star locks up the big guys as easily as the little ones. If you put a
Lone Star surveilance on your own lockup it makes getting them back out even
more of a gamble.


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