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From: Loki <daddyjim@**********.COM>
Subject: [ADMIN] Posting Guidelines the sequel (was Re: Weird Reflexes)
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 07:51:32 -0800
---MikeD1384 <MikeD1384@***.COM> wrote:
> I somewhat agree ,but if you like this powerful card and want to
include it in
> your deck u can always throw in 3-4 Luck O' The Irishes and hope you
> lucky!

With our exposure on the FASA page, a new listing on and the
release of Underworld. We can probably expect more and more of an
influx of newbies.

To this end, I've been noticing posting guidelines either being
ignored, not being used or otherwise slowly degenerating. I figure
it's time I pull out the old Fearless Leader soapbox and try to nip it
in the bud.

MikeD1384, I'm not picking on you specifically, but I needed an
example. Looking at the above post, a good share of list members would
have no idea what you were just referring to. You agree with what?
What powerful card? This post will probably get nothing more then the
old delete key click or a drag to the trash folder. The thread is
broken and conintuity of thought lost. If you were lucky,there _may_
be a member out there that will know what the context was, reply and
possibly pick up the thread.

I've appointed a 3rd GridSec. Adam Jury, Assistant Fearless Leader of
our sister list ShadowRN. Along with the SRCard Admin Trio (myself,
Lady Jestyr and Dvixen), he and the other two GridSecs (Tony and Matb)
will work to integrate a standard of posting netiquette on SRCard.

There have been three main stumbling blocks that are showing
themselves quite frequently:

1. Quoting ablsolutley nothing of the original post.

Please, leave at least a line or two of the message you're replying
to. We've been averaging 40+ message on most days at SRCard. If you
just nuke the previous message and type in your own comments, good
chance is your post is going to be nothing my a cryptic comment
meaning nothing to anyone but yourself and hopefully one other list

2. Quoting too much or all of the original post.

The flipside of the above issue are those that don't trim or snip
irrelevent portion of the previous messgae. This is often what's to
blame for the times you need to skim through 30+ lines of text to find
the two or three lines making up the current message. Please, trim the
quoted message down to just the portions you're repsonding to.

3. Putting your reply at the top rather than the bottom.

When responding, please trim the post if necessary and then add your
comments/reply afterwards (at the bottom). Sometimes a person reading
your post may want to refer to the message you've repsonded to. It's
alot easier if your comments were at the bottom, as there is no need
to skip down to the original message and then back up to yours.

If we can all adhere to these few guidelines, posting will be a bit
more uniform and we'll have everyone in the same netiquette pool.

These guidelines and other basic SRCard info are all found in the
list's FAQ. A copy can be obtained by following the address in my sig.
Read it, live it, love it. :o)

Thanx for joining SRCard.

Welcome to the 6th World. Play nice.

-== Loki ==-
Fearless Leader of the Shadowrun Trading Card Game Mailing List
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