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From: Joao Maia <Joao.Maia@*****.PT>
Subject: Prejudice
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 17:03:03 +0100
> Just wondering, but have you people taken a look at the Tinkerbell CARD
> lately? #1, she's a rigger, so obviously she's going to spend most of her
> time with machines, not people.

> #2, she's got technical, so she's probably
> a bit of a nerd.

I am terribly sorry to say this but it appears that you have some kind of
prejudice against people with technical skills. Not all people with technical
knowledge are nerds, as you call them. Also the fact that she's a rigger does
not imply that she spends more time with machines than with people. From your
point of view, one can imply that if you use the internet, then you must have
some kind of technical knowledge (in this case computer knowledge), and
therefore, you're a nerd.

Let me stress that I don't mean to flame anyone here and I'm sorry if some of
you consider this mail as a flame, but I hate it when people come up with these
(or other) kinds of prejudice.

Cheers from Portugal,

Joao Maia


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