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From: Noah Overton <NOAH_OVERTON@*************.OM.HP.COM>
Subject: None
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 11:38:15 -0800
On Thu, 2 Apr 1998, Loki wrote:

> I also want to give you an update on the Cement Shoes/State of
Confusion > combo:
> We still aren't raedy to make a final ruling on this, but I can t=
> you what
> we're leaning toward, which is:
> If Player 1 plays Cement Shoes (and spends XÑ to do it) and Pla=
yer 2
> rersponds
> by playing State of Confusion, the "new legal target" of Cement
Shoes > must
> cost XÑ or less.

here is a fix that I think most people will like and will solve the=

problem of fragging a runner for less then his deployment cost.

make Cement Shoes only target an opponents runner. there for you ca=
not target your own cheap runner to SoC another players high cost

just a thought that i had to keep this combo the kick in the pants =

that it can be.



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