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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: Tony Glinka <porthos@****.COM>
Subject: [GS] Public Service Announcement
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 15:44:55 -0700
Hey Folks,

I have a little Public Service Announcement. This is sort of an
addition to Loki's earlier post about posting guidelines.

First of all, welcome to all of the members who have recently joined
the SRCard mailing list. I hope you find it worth your time.
Second, there a number of common mistakes that keeping pop up on the
list (hence the word common). I figure I would take a few moments to
point them out so as to avoid future problems.
If you haven't gotten/read a copy of the SRCard mailing list FAQ, do
us all a favor and go get it. Dvixen is the keeper of the FAQ and it is
located at her site at:
Here is the rundown of some of the mistakes that seem to keep
popping up and up. They are discussed in the FAQ so I won't quote it
directly here, only a brief summary.
1. Posting Formats
Please only post in plain text. No html or attachments. Some people's
mailers can only handle plain text and some people can actually be fired
for receiving attachments. So do us all a favor and post only in plain
2. Trading I
One of the reasons for the list is to trade cards. So we encourage
people to post lists, with a few things to keep in mind. When you post
a list please include your name in the subject. This makes it easier to
keep track of things, instead of having 8 different posts name
3. Trading II
This one goes along with trade lists and is one of the biggies. If you
are responding to someone's trade list please do so PRIVATELY. This is
now personal mail and does not need to be going to all of the list
members. So when you hit reply make sure you change the "to:" field.
The default is to the list.
4. Selling Cards
If you want to sell cards, that's fine, but please do not post a list of
prices to the list. Post a message saying you have cards to sell and to
email you in private for more information.
5. "Reply To" Field
Please do not set your "reply to" field on your mailiers. This causes
your address to override the lists address and so when people reply to a
thread it will go to you and not to the whole list.
6. Admin and GridSec Warnings.
If you happen to make a mistake, you most likely will get a friendly
reminder from either the list Admins (Loki, Lady Jestyr or Dvixen) or
the GridSec's (Matb, Adam J, or myself). Please do not take this as a
flame or an attack on your person. It is just a way of keeping the list
running smoothly and that we all get along.

With that in mind, have you gotten your copy of the FAQ yet? Well
go get it. Again it's at:

There are number of sites on the web that can be useful. Here's another
brief rundown.

The SRCard List Home Page
All the info you need about the mailing list. Owned by Lady Jestyr.

Poisoned Elves SRTCG Page
SRCard's Fearless Leader Loki's page for the SRTCG.

Dvixen's Shadowrun Trading Card Game Page
Home of the SRCard FAQ (did you get a copy yet?) and the SRTCG Webring.

Tony' SRTCG Site
Yes, this is my site. It is also the home of the SRTCG Q&A: SRCard's
Official Unofficial SRTCG FAQ. It is a list sponsored collection of
questions about SRTCG sent in to FASA and the answers by the game

Matb's (non-existent) SRTCG Site
Matb's site has card spoilers and the home of the net.expansion sets.
It also has his Card and Deck of the Week columns.

Phil's Shadowrun TCG Page
A GREAT list of card spoilers.

Nemein's Shadowrun CCG Page
Home of a whole bunch of card ideas as well as the SRCard list runners.

Okay, I thank you for time and patience. I hope this was
informative for our new members and I now return you to your regularly
scheduled mailing list.

Porthos@****.com -- GridSec: SRCard
Porthos' World of Shadowrun:
Tony's SRTCG Site:
Home of the SRTCG Q&A: SRCard's Official Unofficial SRTCG FAQ


These messages were posted a long time ago on a mailing list far, far away. The copyright to their contents probably lies with the original authors of the individual messages, but since they were published in an electronic forum that anyone could subscribe to, and the logs were available to subscribers and most likely non-subscribers as well, it's felt that re-publishing them here is a kind of public service.