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From: Apone <mpcheval@********.FR>
Subject: Re: bad cards
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998 01:29:58 +0200
Matb wrote:

> There are no sucky cards! Well, maybe.
> 1. Ricochet (...)
> 2. Detect Enemies (...)
> 3. Corporate secretary (...)
> 4. Suicide Run (...)
> 5. Brain Fart (...)

I quite agree with this, but what about the Gyro Stabilizer. In my opinion
it would win the Most Useless Card Awards. Has anyone already put some in
his deck ?
Even if you're not playing a bone crusher deck and want to add firepower to
your runner team in order to improve their weak threat ratings , Gyro stab
is still a bad investment : most of the weakest runners cost around 3
nuyens, that's a 5 nuyen investment to give them a heavy weapon. Better pack
a couple of D-Day for the same price or add 1 nuyen and get Cannonball with
And I've got 6 Giro Stabilizers...what a fun.


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