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From: Matb <mbreton@**.NETCOM.COM>
Subject: Re: bad cards
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 22:48:53 -0800
[Either Netcom or freaky Boston weather has been giving me really bad
connections today, so I apologize if this has already been posted.]
Jon Palmer wrote:

> >we already got the best cards top 10
> >now let us c what r the 5 most suckiest cards.

> Again, more base set stuff. And it's gotta be all rares, if they're not
> rare, I don't mind them being crappy.

Now this I find difficult: If I'm buying cards in a major way, I'd
rather have only one (a rare) be useless - rather than the twelve or
fifteen copies I might get if it were a common. A bad rare at least has
the novelty of being rare; a bad common just sits in boxes.

It sounds, honestly, like the old MtG strategy of making the rares more
powerful, in the hopes that scarcity will balance them out, playwise...
leading to Mr. Suitcasemanship (izzat a word?). I can go for an odd,
not-terribly useful rare; I know of at least two gamers who won't play
SRTCG because of 'bad commons' (namely Skillsofts and Ally Spirit).

> 1. Remington 750 - use the Ranger X, for pete's sake.

...Unless you like big guns. Ammo, at least, puts the 750 on par with
the Ranger-X; a 750 with Explosive Ammo, Extended Clip and Flechette
Ammo actually gets almost fearsome. Almost.

> 2. Adam Bomb - Not worthy of 'promo' status.

Gotta disagree here: I'm happy he's not part of the *regular* set. I
have one for my collection; I don't plan on ever playing him, so when I
buy new cards, I know I'm not going to be saddled with extras. On the
other hand, he's a goofy card; exactly the sort of thing that might
attract someone who's never played the game before.

> 3. Guardian Elemental - There's exactly TWO guys in the base set (Wishbone
> & Pappy) who can use this and survive a bad roll. That sucks.

I'll disagree with this one, too; he's supposed to be the Big Bad
Nasty-Ass Shaman Card. A Shaman deck *ought* to be able to sleaze most
Challenges and only have to use him in one combat, or in defense against
a Z-zone ambush. He costs a lot less than the nearest Rigger equivalent
(APV) and has a nicer Attack Rating, if no Armor; and his backlash,
which fits the SR:RPG description, only happens 1-in-3. Not a card
you'd rely on, and meant to be that way.

> 4. Camo - does it DO anything? Blech. I've never worried THAT much about
> Black Hammer

Yeah, the big Decker-on-Decker battles just don't happen.

> 5. Kamikaze Run - Just an overall lame objective. I don't WANT my guys to
> die, thank you.

That's, um the point: Your opponent *does* want to kill your guys -
here's a (small) disincentive to doing so. Admittedly, if he cacks your
entire team, you can't score the bonus at all; maybe the reward ought to
be higher, or cumulative through different shadowruns. But I'm glad
it's not a kick-butt Objective like Impossible Mission or Cleanse the

- Matt

Beware the man who casts two shadows.

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