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From: Phil Jaros <chakan@****.PYROTECHNICS.COM>
Subject: My Yakuza and Razorhead Decks
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998 06:30:41 -0600
Well here are the first two Underworld decks I have made:

The Yakuza Deck:

Runners: (13)
1 Banzai
1 Drake
1 Flatline
1 Iron Mike
3 Jade
1 Ravage
1 Ro-Jin
4 Tenaka

I put in a bunch of the natural yakuza runners as I could (I only wish
Ro-Jin was not Unique). There is only one Banzai because I don't like
putting 4 of a card I'm going to intentionally Frag in a deck... ;)
Drake is in as usual for his stamina and skills and the others are in
because they ore my favorite Human runners who can make the Eternal Vow.

Gear: (11)
2 Berretta
1 Doc Wagon Platinum
4 Katana
2 Poison
2 Shuriken

The Beretta add a bit to the body of a couple of runners or go to Flatline
the Katana's are for the theme and work pretty well with the Runners I have
chosen. Poison and Shuriken usually end up being used by a Tenaka in order
to finish of an injured opposing runner. I only wish the DWP could save
my Ninga Guard as well as the Gear... ;)

Contacts: (6)
4 Ninja Guard
1 Squatter
1 Shady Manager

I hold onto the Manager until my opponent plays a Rocker. After all why
not use his/her greed to my advantage? Squatter is in for the usual reasons
and to snag back up the Ninja Guard. I can't say enough about the Guards
as they work wonderful! They keep my runners alive on runs and keep my
opponent from attempting any runner vs. runner combat. I only wish I could
use it in more of my decks....

Location: (1)
1 Shadowland

With the lack of skills and toughness it never hurts to know what lurks
around the next corner if the Ninja Guards have not been doing their job...

Specials: (9)

1 All Or Nothing
1 Blindsided
1 Even Steven
1 GAQs
1 In-Fighting
1 LotI
1 Test of Honor
2 The Eternal Vow

More of the same, plus a couple of obvious additions...

Challenges: 20
1 Booby Trap
1 Guardian Dracoform
1 Hell Hound
1 Hellish Traffic
1 Highway Showdown
1 Maglocks
1 Killer Drone
1 Pressure Plates
1 The Big Chase
2 Widow's Trap
3 Yakuza Assassin
3 Yakuza Hit Squad
3 Yakuza Street Thugs

A bunch of challenges I like, plus three of each of the good Yakuza challenges.
Too bad Yak Attack! stinks....

Objectives: (6)
4 Overseas Interest
1 Crime Wave
1 Shipyard Showdown

Basically just Yakuza Objectives to fit the theme... The OI keeps alot of
opposing decks in check...

My Razorhead deck:

This one is incredibly strong and fast to boot. I might decide to use it
in a Tourney instead of my Human deck...

Runners: (14)
4 Skitz
4 Stomper
4 Stilleto
2 Redline

Well the two melee works wonders for this deck, the Redlines can speed
things up a bit and also have melee... Lord Torgo isn't needed, and besides
I've never really liked paying 2 a turn to keep him around...

Gear: (10)
2 Stun Gloves
4 Katanas
4 Harley Scorpions

The scorpions never hurt you, and I can't say enough about the Stun Gloves
and Katanas in this deck...

Contacts: (2)
1 Shady Manager
1 Squatter

See the above deck (minus comment on Ninja Guard)

Specials: (15)
1 All or Nothing
1 Blindsided
1 GAQs
1 In-Fighting
2 Leader of the Pack
1 LotI
4 Outstanding Performance
2 Razorheads
2 Spread the Disease

More of the basics... I'ld like to get the LotP and Razorheads out ASAP
so I put two in (any more is a bit useless). Spreading the Disease is
great with my challenges and objectives... Outstanding Performance goes
to you guessed it melee...

Challenges: (19)
2 Fusion Gates
4 Genetic Monstosity
1 Guardian Dracoform
2 Hellhounds
2 Killer Drones
1 Maglocks
2 Minefields
1 Pressure Plates
2 Widow's Trap
2 Yakuza Assassin

These will kill or damage on my objectives and damaging is just fine by
me with the Bio-Lab Raid...

Objectives: (6)
4 Bio-Lab Raid
2 Opperation Cotton Mouth

Have I mentioned before that I never plan on going on my own objectives?
This is why....

Phil Jaros 888888888
chakan@************.com O=O=O=O=O
``"""""< `=-~-='
Chakan `| ^ |'
The Forever Man / | =-= | \
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