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From: Apone <mpcheval@********.FR>
Subject: Re: Is Skitch as cool as I think?
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998 23:51:22 +0200
Steven A. Tinner wrote:

> Skitch from UW seems pretty cool, depending on how his wording works.

> What the cards says is "2Y: Cancel any card effect that would return Skitch
> to the safehouse."
> Fairly simple at first, you can counter GAQS, right?
> OK, now how about Nets?
> Or for that matter Wild Goose Chase?
> Does Skitch CANCEL these cards completely?
> Ie. does he asve the whole team from WGC?
> Or does he simply leave the team behind and go on without them?

Ok, this one is quite simple (I guess).
The text tells that if you pay 2Y, you cancel any card effect that would return
SKITCH to the safehouse. It only affect card effects towards Skitch, not card
effects towards your other runners.
So if your team is targeted by a WGC or is stuck in the Nets, you may choose to
pay 2Y to get Skitch making his way through. But the rest of the teams suffer
the usual effects of the card.
You get the same situation when you play with Ghost Who Walks who may not be
targeted by specials.

Well, that's the way I would play it. Hope I'm right but in this case sorry
'cause Skitch is not as cool as you were thinking (but still pretty cool

So long

"You may bury my body down by the highway side,
So my old evil spirit can catch a Greyhound bus n'ride."
Robert Johnson


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