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From: Crane <jack9@*********.NET>
Subject: Re: LS Deck+Bad Rep+Widows Trap
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998 15:01:19 -0800
This is part LS deck rev. II and Bad Rep rant and Widows trap common sense
question (i'm short on time)

Bad Rep is the most unbalancing thing in the game, with cowards being
especially nasty. Far worse than Wanted!s are the other way around.

Now Widow's Trap (yet another way for people to be sent home) why would I
use Traffic Jam the way it is currently interpreted?

>> > +1 Squatter
>> Rare. And what's he doing here?
>Good idea, but costly. I'll have to see.
He's not costly to put out, of course, and is for utility (like to recycle
some challenges)

>> -2 911
It does no good to have cards that you may never use, but can use well.
Free up the slots.

>> > +1 Ivan
I don't know how that second Ivan got there.

>> > +2 Cowards
>> Only usable when you put in the Wild Goose Chases, and leave the number
>> of GAQS intact; NOT a good choice in this deck.
I think we all agree that you'd never have the cash to pay for both cowards
and wildgoosechase, you play cowards when a team goes home for any reason
(not just you playing a special WGC or GAQ).

Maybe just 1 cowards, but always Bad Rep (seems to be a catchphrase), and a


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