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From: Jon Palmer <jmp225@***.EDU>
Subject: Re: [OT Big Time...] [FASA] 2nd posting of Skitz
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998 19:09:56 -0500
>Again, it really seems to me that as of late, too many cards are falling
>into a pattern of question. Pick a card, then possibly pick another card
>as a combination. One person has one opinion while another has another
>opinion. A few debates rage on here for about an hour or two before the
>infamous (and again Loki, not directed towards you, but you seem to be the
>'fall guy' with this), "Loki, can you ask the DLOH for an official ruling
>on <said card combo here>." FASA replies, Loki posts the reply, the
>winners cheer, while the loosers still don't agree. That argument fizzles
>before another pops up. The point is, I think instead of having fun and
>going with the flow of the game (mixed in with a bit of common sense), too
>many want everything cut and dried. They want said card to do this and
>only this under all conditions. Add a different card which would alter
>that condition, and one or the other ~has~ to be changed, because things
>have to be too ordered, too precise.

Better to have a lot of rulings that make SENSE than have every single card
have it's own ruling, a la Magic. I don't know Jim or Mike, but I'd assume
they're not offended by any criticism. On the L5R listservers, lead
designer Dave Williams often answers rules questions directly. Sometimes,
he doesn't even answer them right, at which point other people pipe up, and
he's more than willing to change his ruling. I'd think Jim & Mike are the
same way. It might be better for the game if they were actually ON this
listserver, but I don't know what time constraints they face so I'm not
gonna be judgmental or anything. Just an observation from my experience.

Jon Palmer


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