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From: Jon Palmer <jmp225@***.EDU>
Subject: Re: bad cards
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998 19:28:04 -0500
>Ally Spirits and Skillsofts, unfortunately, are only two of the many
>"use only with X" combos in the game. To be fair, both are *needed* in
>the game -- without the possibility of gaining more skills, the game
>goes over entirely to the Big Tough Guys; similarly, the Ally Spirit
>gives the weaker shamans a well-needed edge. But combinations really
>should be kept for the rarer cards of the set.
>I'm not sure what a fair solution would be. I'd suggest moving the Ally
>Spirit to being an uncommon, although I can't think of an uncommon I'd
>like to see become a common (Heal?) or a card I'd like to see swapped in
>for it (nothing from Underworld, thanks). Adding a few more Runners
>with Con-2 might solve the problem, too. (I don't think it's that
>unbalancing, actually - and look at all the Runners with Mel-2 ;) )

How about dropping Fireball to common, taking the near-useless Bolt of
Power out of the set altogether, and putting a common from UW into the
basic set? Anyway, I agree that Ally Spirits should probably be rarer.
But most likely this will be less of a problem as the game moves along and
we get more dudes with Conjure-2.

Oh, as a continuation of that armor post... I don't think armor by itself
is nearly as annoying as armor+stamina. If there's not another
armor+stamina guy made (at least among non-Primes) I'd be happy. My "Big
Bruiser" deck is based around Ravage, Stomper(s) and Tin Man(s)... and the
main reason is they've all got armor and stamina. If stamina is made a lot
less common, I think we'll see a lot less of the Big Bruiser decks, because
with Reinforcements you can make damage add up enough not to kill people,
necessarily (that's what Z-Zone/Dr. Apocalypse/Hellblast is for) but to
keep them from killing stuff on the objective.

Jon Palmer


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