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From: Matb <mbreton@**.NETCOM.COM>
Subject: Woohoo!
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998 19:29:32 -0800
Just in case no one's stopped by FASA's website recently....

> Corp War

> In the glittering corporate highrises of the Seattle megaplex, a power
> struggle rages for control of the Awakened world. It's war, and
> the Runners are on the front lines.

> This 90-card Shadowrun expansion introduces players to the corrupt,
> backstabbing corporate world of 2060. They might end up dead, but
> that's what comes of working for the Man!

> Corp War will be sold in packs of 15, 36 packs to a display. You need
> the Shadowrun Trading Card Game to play. Shoot straight, watch your
> back, and never let the dragon deal.

It's like a dream come true! :)

- Matt

Beware the man who casts two shadows.

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