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From: Felix Hoefert <FHoefert@********.DE>
Subject: Re: The mythical Throat Wolf appears!
Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1998 02:28:59 +0200
Ojaste,James [NCR] wrote:
> Tinner wrote:
> >If you've followed Magic the Gathering for a while, then you already know
> >what this post is about.
> Oh man. :-)
> >This of course led to wild rumors.
> >The funniest one IMO was the Thoat Wolf.
> Don't you mean "Throat Wolf"? ;-)
> >Two seperate SRTCG players reported to me that the Underworld expansion has
> >a special rare Rocket Launcher card in it that ...
> >1 - Counts as gear
> >2 - Can be played as a Stinger
> >3 - gives +8/+0 to a runner for one combat only
> >4 - It can be "reloaded" for 3 nuyen per shot
> It's true I tell you! Whoever sent you that info strung you a line,
> though - besides the obvious typo, they misquoted it. Here's the
> *real* info:
> Card: Rocker Launcher
> Cost: 2Y
> Type: Stinger/Gear/Weapon
> Text: If played as a Stinger, trash at end of turn.
> 1Y: Trash one of your Rockers. Runner gains
> +2*X/+0 where X = Rocker's Attack Value + Body.
> The art shows a troll stuffing a squirming rocker (Thrash, I think)
> into a sort of big bazooka.
> I think it was meant as a promo, but got mixed in to the regular
> set by mistake, so I've only managed to get ahold of 3 - anybody
> have an extra to spare?
> James Ojaste

Nice try - I think they should make the Battering Ham next. ---Felix


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