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From: Apone <mpcheval@********.FR>
Subject: Re: bad cards
Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1998 04:46:56 +0200
Matb wrote:

> This means it's likely -- probable, in fact -- that a beginning player,
> buying a starter and two boosters, will end up with two or three Ally
> Spirits and *no* Runners he can play them on. (Which, in fact, is
> exactly the experience of one of the two gamers mentioned above.) And a
> mass-purchaser like me, will have 39 Ally spirits, 4 each of the
> uncommons, and only two of the three listed rares (of course, I did
> trade Pappy away once). While I can finally use the Ally Apirit, I've
> got *too many* of the thing. It's time to start wallpapering.

In this case I think it's more a problem dealing with the proportion of
cards in the the 1st Edition than to know if one particular card should be a rare or a

On the 359 cards of this edition there's:
- 110 Commons
- 120 Uncommons
- 129 Rares
As you get 1rare/booster and 3 (sometimes only 2) rares /starter, you will - after a while
hard (and expansive) collecting work - find yourself piling up bunch of commons, which are
exchangeable 'cause everybody has them. And you still lack a lot of rares.
I agree it's annoying having 30 times a card which can only be used on very restrictive
combos. But after all it's not worse than having 30 times any other card.
Just "thanks" Fasa for this one and hope they won't do it again for the 2nd Run.

so long


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