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From: Phil Jaros <chakan@****.PYROTECHNICS.COM>
Subject: Re: Woohoo!
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998 22:41:06 -0600
Matt wrote:
>>You forgot to mention that it is scheduled for July release... I know
>>that expansions often get shipped late, but I hope it will be available
>>at Gen Con. It would be kind of fun to try and alter a deck successfully
>>just before a Shadowrun Tourny begins... ;)
>Hehehehe.. well, it should definitely make Gencon. In fact, I'd kind
>of like it if it debuted then - a definite pick-me-up for sales.
>I'd suspect, though, that most people wouldn't play Corp decks at
>Gencon.. I think I'll finally be getting used to UW around then ;)

That's the point. I could probably win on the time limit alone, since my
opponent would keep on asking "Could I see that card for a minute..."

I tend to start using expansions right out of the packs. It took me
a couple of hours to sort through all of my Underworld cards. However, after
a quick read through of the cards, I put together a rather strong Yakuza
deck. I still will need to work in a couple of more games before I put
together a strong Mafia or Lone Star Deck, as they involve alot more

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