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From: Jon Palmer <jmp225@***.EDU>
Subject: Re: cement shoes and SoC
Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1998 00:15:43 -0500
>This one is still bothering me, It has the potential of being a great card
>(Cement Shoes) this is how I see the situation going down...
>I play my Cement shoes on Noahs', Loki, cuz he's been treatin my trolls bad=
>then Noah, hits me with the old State of Confusion, and targets my, Stomper
>(cuz he just kicks ass), I lose out on my nuyen, and he Redirects my hired
>killers to do away with Stomper, instead of Loki, as I had planned. No fus=
>no muss this is how it should work...look at it this way, if I only had
>out...say....Static, and I had targeted, Skwaaaaaark, I still get some one
>bumped off it just cost me more and of course I lose my only runner ...but
>these are the chances one takes when you run the shadows...but try this as
>well, say I have out Longhorn, and pull this same Loki tactic (cuz I don't
>want him creating havok with my only troll runner) when the SoC is played I
>still lose my runner, and because I'm a good sport I take my medicine and w=
>to play some other card, later...maybe Even Steven when he goes fishing for
>gear or runners...and hope there are no more SoCs' in his hand...these are =
>breaks kids, playground rules in effect

I don't have a State of Confusion so I'm not SURE you could do this, but if
I'm correct...

the DLOH's are right that it HAS to be 'the runner whom CS is redirected to
must cost less or nothing happens.' Otherwise, I target my own Static,
play SoC, pay the 1¥ and then frag your Skwaaaaaark. How annoying would
THAT be?

Jon Palmer


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