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From: Bradley Aaron Rebh <brebh@*****.BGSU.EDU>
Subject: Re: cement shoes and SoC
Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1998 01:02:40 -0500
On Sat, 4 Apr 1998, Jon Palmer wrote:

> I don't have a State of Confusion so I'm not SURE you could do this, but if
> I'm correct...
> the DLOH's are right that it HAS to be 'the runner whom CS is redirected to
> must cost less or nothing happens.' Otherwise, I target my own Static,
> play SoC, pay the 1¥ and then frag your Skwaaaaaark. How annoying would
> THAT be?

Maybe it's annoying and maybe it's really unfair, but it's not a game
winning combo (it may be in some situations, you know what I mean). The
shadows aren't fair chummer. You always have the chance to LotI the card
or SoC it back to your oponent. Wabbit's feet could also be used. Both
Soc and CS are rare cards and probably won't be in a lot of decks. Why
not let a good combo let lie? I'm all for editing a card that stops the
game. But for heaven sakes, it'll only geek 1 runner. Sure, you can
shuffle through all your cards to get the combo again, but how long will
that take til you get both in your hand again? I can see how this could
be abusive if a player had 4 CS and 4 SoC in a deck. Maybe it's not how
the DLOH's intended the card to be played, but it's a damn good combo.


Bradley Aaron Rebh


920 E.Wooster #4
Bowling Green, OH 43402


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