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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: Mamoulian <shine@************.NET>
Subject: Mob Deck
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998 23:35:42 -0700
I have made a Mob's worked out alright in play (3-4 player) If
anyone has any suggestions, gripes, sneers, anything; I would be welcome
to them.

The Doomsday Device
Hell House
Crime Wave x2
The Vault
Nosferatu Den

Bowzer x4
Mugsy x4
Tommygun x4
Glitz x4
Thrash x4
Louie Da' Bruiser x1
Sam the Sleuth x1
Drake x1
Da Profezzur x1
Scorpio x1

Dermal plating x4
Muscle replacement x4
M11 Tommy gun x4
Heavy Armor (full) x1
Armor Piercing Ammo x1
Uzi x1

The Docks x3
Dante's Inferno x2

Shakedown x3
One of the Family x4
Special Delivery x4
Even Steven x2
Cement Shoes x1
Intimidation x1

Meet the Family... x4
Scatterbrain Raid x2
Mine field x1
Nets x1
Manticore x1
Killer Drone x1
Pressure Plates x1
Yakuza Assassin x1
Lone Star Crowd Control x1
Yakuza Hit Squad x2
Mafia Goons x1
Runners on Retainer x1
Hunting Gargoyle x1
Booby Trap x1
Hellhound x1

>My rockers are obviously for money. They go to Dante's for more money.
>Mugsy is the dirty work guy. He uses all the special cards, goes to the
docks, assists in the special cards or challenges being pumped. ( and that
great 5+ roll when he's trashed special trait has worked fairly nice) The
specials are used to slow people down, and kill any rockers or deckers who
never leave the safehouse.
>Tommygun, Bowzer are runners, Louie with his armor and heavy armor full
give 5 armor automatically, including the 6 bonus for crime wave (11
total), it's usually a cake walk. The other objectives thrown in the deck
are for variety.
>The non-mafia runners are made mafia by the specials and are used mainly
for the extra skills.
>Cyberwear is used usually on the non-mafia runners to try and not loose





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