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From: ">>>>> Axlrose - ... <<<<<" <axlrose@**********.COM>
Subject: Re: cement shoes and SoC (w/ addition...)
Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1998 09:05:50 -0500
At 01:25 AM 4/4/98 EST, Gunnar wrote:

<Snipped Brad's great idea... *grin*>

>Damn....I didn't think of that aspect, ok I concede....the point goes to=
>for opening my eyes to this other possibility


I am not picking on you Gunnar, but it seems at times my messages never get
through around here. Or if they do, very few reply - maybe I am the thread
stopper. Not trying to claim credit, but here was my take on the Cement
Shoes and State of Confusion combo before FASA possible answer reply. ~No
one~ replied to this, but I know some had an opinion on it (thanks Brad...)=

At 5:32 PM 3/29/98 CST, I wrote the following:

>Possibly Cement Shoes should be errata´d to redirect the played Special
onto a randomly >chosen Runner. IMHO "valid" means simply a turned Runner.

Why not just errata the Cement Shoes card to target an opponent's runners?
Therefore, the only way the tables can be turned would be through cards
like State of Confusion. It would cut out all this targeting one's own
runners then switching sides with the above SoC card. Plus, if you were
working for someone, as the runners per se are for the real life players,
would you be willing to work for someone that ordered to have you wear
special shoes before changing his/her/it's mind to another?

To clarify this some more before something is read into this. Using my old
example of 'real life' names, Jon/Mugsy paid Axlrose and Gumbo to take out
Loki. As Jim Nelson said before altering his view, the amount is paid out,
spent, whatever = gone! Because Jon/Mugsy is targeting his opponent, this
would be legal. Now Loki wants to save himself/his runner card so he plays
SoC on Axlrose and Gumbo to redirect us, errr the mafia runners back
towards Jon/Mugsy's characters - choosing Mugsy himself. It should not
matter Mugsy is 2 Nuyen cheaper (or 2 Nuyen higher or even payment). The
amount has already been paid; it is now the affect that is being redirected
with State of Confusion. The Cement Shoes card is brought into play
already. Let us not get more confused by "Well, considering I paid X
amount and now Y amount is spent, I am entitled to a refund..." or "Geesh,
I don't have enough to pay for the new cost of Cement Shoes so I will just
not use it this turn."

<Snipped some of my later rant...>

Oh well.
>>>>>Axlrose - ...<<<<<


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