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From: Blade Hunter <bladehnt@*********.NET>
Subject: Re: Heckler Spirit
Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1998 16:20:12 -0500
On Sat, 4 Apr 1998, Norman McLeod wrote:
> Do the -1/+0 counters dissapear with the spirit? I don't think so, because
> then the card would suck, but I would like the list's opinion on this.

I could actually see this going both ways. It isn't stated on the card that
the tokens ever go away (except perhaps via a yet created card; similar to how
there are no corporate challenges as of yet). It is a reasonable assumption
that the tokens might disappear with the Heckler, though I'll continue playing
it as a mean permanent insanity. Afterall, all other tokens don't make note
of being trashed when the originator is removed from play...

(I don't own a Heckler Spirit, but it spices up the game some when opponents
let them loose.)

Likewise, experience tokens are never taken away either. So to spawn tangents
of convoluted game play:

Leader of the Pack states "Play on target Ganger Runner", thus it stays in
play. The runner becomes a Ganger Leader and has an experience token of
+X/+X. Now then, what happens when Wabbit's Feet trashes the LotP?
Does the Ganger Leader remain a Ganger Leader?
Does the experience token remain?

Tournament wise, I don't know, ask an already busied developer...

la, la, la...


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