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From: Matb <mbreton@**.NETCOM.COM>
Subject: Re: Heckler Spirit
Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1998 16:36:37 -0800
Blade Hunter wrote:

> > Do the -1/+0 counters dissapear with the spirit? I don't think so, because
> > then the card would suck, but I would like the list's opinion on this.

> I could actually see this going both ways. It isn't stated on the card that
> the tokens ever go away (except perhaps via a yet created card; similar to how
> there are no corporate challenges as of yet). It is a reasonable assumption
> that the tokens might disappear with the Heckler, though I'll continue playing
> it as a mean permanent insanity. Afterall, all other tokens don't make note
> of being trashed when the originator is removed from play...

On the other other hand, The Price of Fame indicates that the tokens
cant be removed, implying that the tokens from other cards can be (and
subtly implying that they only stick around as long as the generator is

I usually play that tokens are permanent until an effect kicks em off:
If I visit Club Vortex,and the location is trashed before I pop the
drugs, I can still (on a later turn) use them, regardless of whether the
Club is back in play.

Heckler Spirit seems like an awfully *weak* card if the tokens pop off
with the card, but that's imho.

- Matt

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