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From: Matb <mbreton@**.NETCOM.COM>
Subject: [Fictional Cards] the Ares Corporate Strike Team
Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1998 17:19:49 -0800
With the verification that the next SRTCG is indeed a corporate
expansion, these are a few I've whipped up. Comments,
criticism, and old carp welcome. Sort of. Maybe.

Ares is one of the largest military and security providers in the
Shadowrun universe and, in fact, gains a lot of revenue from selling its
services to other megacorps. In addition to guns, big guns, and bigger
guns, Ares is also heavily involved with aerospace and heavy industry.

* Runners

DRESDEN / Ares Corporate Bodyguard / 8/1
6/6. Troll. Melee-1. Dresden gains +0/+1 and Guard for each Ares or
Knight Errant Location in play.

(Something to encourage playing with both flavors of Locations.)

HERMES / Ares Combat Decker / 6/1Y
4/4. Human; Athletics-1, Decking-1, Firearms-1. 3Y: Turn to look at
the top card of target opponent's draw pile. For an additional 1Y, you
may choose to shuffle this card into opponent's draw pile.

(Sort of a "industrial sabotage" guy, he opens up the Deckers with a few
skills and decent stats. Despite having an upkeep, he's not a Prime
Runner -- see the Ares Location, below.)

ZEUS / Ares Combat Mage / 6/1Y
3/4. Human; Firearms-1, Sorcery-1. Trash a Spell on Zeus to re-roll
any D6 roll involving Spells he is using.

Play on a Runner with Gunnery. +8/+0 to user. Once per shadowrun, you
may roll D6 (add user's Gunnery). 1-4: Trash user. 5+: Trash a
just-revealed Vehicle Challenge.

(Everyone should recognize this one....)

ARES DRAGON / Gear (Vehicle/Helicopter) / 6Y
Outdoor. +4/0 (A2) to user. User may not use skills to sleaze
Challenges while ARES Dragon is being used. 3Y: (A2) to target present
Runner until end of turn. This Runner may not use skills to sleaze
Challenges while receiving this benefit.

(This an updated version of a card previously posted to the net.)

DAEDELUS SPACE STATION / Location (Space) / 6/1Y
Only one Daedelus Space Station may be in play at a time. Instead of
filling your hand to seven cards, you may search your deck for a card of
your choice and add it to your hand.

KNIGHT ERRANT SECURITY DEPOT / Location (Corporate HQ) / 4/1Y
You may ignore upkeep costs on all Ares and Knight Errant Contacts,
Gear and Runners.

ARMS DEALER / Contact (Street) / 4Y
1Y: Turn visiting Runner to add a +1/+0 Sidearm (Gear/Weapon) token to
that Runner.

(This, of course, stems from that long debate on tokens we had.)

THE ARMORY / Objective
Reputation: 25. +1/+2 to all Corporate Challenges. Before beginning a
shadowrun on this Objective, shadowrunning player may search his draw
pile for a Gear card of his choice and place it underneath The Armory.
BONUS: Shadowrunning player may choose one Gear card beneath The Armory
and deploy it on a present Runner for free. All other Gear cards are

ARES CITYMASTER / Challenge (Corporate/Vehicle/Outdoor).
5/8 (A2). When Ares Citymaster is revealed, any player may trash a
Knight Errant or Ares card from his hand to add its Attack Rating to
Ares Citymaster's.
Sleaze: Gunnery-1, Leadership-1.

(The Ares Citymaster is sort of an APC, or armored personnel carrier -
the doors swing open and a squad of armored troops come pouring out.
It'd be nifty if you could trash Ares Predators to arm the troops
better.. and really nasty if you trash Throat Wolfs :)

KNIGHT ERRANT FRT TEAM / Challenge (Corporate/Personnel)
6/8 (A2). Knight Errant FRT Team is affected by rolls at Ares
Macrotechnology. (On a roll of 1-2, they deal no damage; one a roll of
5+, they deal +2 damage.) Sleaze: Athletics-2, Street-1.

Play when the first Challenge is revealed on a shadowrun. If the
shadowrunning team has a total Attack Rating that is three times or
greater than the revealed Challenge's Attack Rating, the alarm is
immediately triggered but the Challenge deals no damage.

Next week: Aztechnology, a corporation that focuses on blood magic,
corporate intrigue, and world domination (but not in that order).

- Matt

Beware the man who casts two shadows.

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