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From: Nemein <nemein@**********.COM>
Subject: Re: [Fictional Cards] the Ares Corporate Strike Team
Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1998 19:57:43 -0800
---"Steven A. Tinner" <bluewizard@*****.COM> wrote:
> >DAEDELUS SPACE STATION / Location (Space) / 6/1Y
> >Only one Daedelus Space Station may be in play at a time. Instead of
> >filling your hand to seven cards, you may search your deck for a
card of
> >your choice and add it to your hand.
> Hmmm ... I'd say this one is a trifle overpowered for the cost.
> Sure, SR allows a LOT more deck manipulation than other CCG's but
this could
> get VERY abusive!

How about keep the original ability intact, but add "When DDS comes
into play, remove all cards in your trash from the game. Whenever a
card goes into the trash, it is removed from the game instead." That
way it changes one aspect of the game in your favor, but removes
another one. Maybe requiring that one runner stay with the DSS all
the time would be a good idea too (after someone has to "mind the
store" ;-) ). Perhaps a decker that way they are still open to net

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