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From: "Steven A. Tinner" <bluewizard@*****.COM>
Subject: Re: [Fictional Cards] the Ares Corporate Strike Team
Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1998 23:27:00 -0500
>How about keep the original ability intact, but add "When DDS comes
>into play, remove all cards in your trash from the game. Whenever a
>card goes into the trash, it is removed from the game instead." That
>way it changes one aspect of the game in your favor, but removes
>another one. Maybe requiring that one runner stay with the DSS all
>the time would be a good idea too (after someone has to "mind the
>store" ;-) ). Perhaps a decker that way they are still open to net

I like the decker idea!

However, hosing someone's trash pile seems a little too strong.
With the ability to discard at will, and draw a new hand every turn, many
players recycle their decks at least once each game.
If you remove that possibility, you can wind up making the card too weak.

After all, what happens when all this players cards are removed from the
He has to sit there and wait for his opponent to win?
Or are we gonna add a new victory condition, ala M:tG, where running your
opponent out of cards wins the game as well?

Sounds too confusing to me.
IMO - just up the cost some more, and add some smaller penalties, ala. Mr.
Anything else risks getting too involved to make using the card worthwhile.

Steven A. Tinner
"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." - Semisonic


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