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From: OneWay919 <OneWay919@***.COM>
Subject: Re: cement shoes and SoC (w/ addition...)
Date: Sun, 5 Apr 1998 08:20:37 EDT
In a message dated 98-04-04 09:28:46 EST, you write:

I am not picking on you Gunnar, but it seems at times my messages never get
through around here. Or if they do, very few reply - maybe I am the thread
stopper. Not trying to claim credit, but here was my take on the Cement
Shoes and State of Confusion combo before FASA possible answer reply. ~No
one~ replied to this, but I know some had an opinion on it (thanks Brad...) -

hey it's ok. I figure we all have a say in things out here, and I was just
givin my thought. I take offense at very little anymore, oft times I am more
amused, so if you are worried you hurt my feelings, don't I'm a big boy now,
and I can admit when I'm wrong or if someone else is right....I do enjoy some
of the threads that come through on this list so I encourage people,
especially the new subscribers, to keep the questions coming so we can work
these little hard spots out



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