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From: ">>>>> Axlrose - ... <<<<<" <axlrose@**********.COM>
Subject: Re: [OT] Thread killing... [Fictional Cards] the Ares Corporate
Date: Sun, 5 Apr 1998 09:15:04 -0400
At 01:44 AM 4/5/98 -0500, ~someone~ wrote:

Time to be sarcastic... or maybe not.....

>WOW! I like these card ideas better than Underworld!

Sound like a brown noser to me *grin*...

>While the criticizms of Deadalus Space station were legit, I think the
rest are >fabulous. Have you sent them along to FASA, just to see what
they have to say?

FASA would probably love them - in fact, the next expansion after the Corp
Wars will have them in full swing. Therefore, us grasping at straws on the
list can be dazzled by the apparent inside knowledge gleamed from others.
Oh, by the way Brad, the reply was definitely on target *grin*.

Have I said recently I am still waiting for FASA to reply some day?

>I think these ideas are far superior to any ideas previously introduced to
the list.

Well let's see : Loki posted way, way back when early on. Time frame is
off so he's out. Brad posted about bioware cards which I replied to. Then
I attempted some card ideas over the ages, with Brad replying privately and
after a repeat, not the initial posting mind you, Matt replied. Then Matt
posted some card ideas which I have not fully looked over yet, but have
seen some 'choice' responses. Therefore, I guess Brad and I are not "far
superior" to card ideas *shrug*. By the way, I must have missed your card

>(Especially, no offence, the "If I were a runner" thingies, which, though
entertaining, >were not even close to feasible, which these are).

And they were not intended to be "feasible", but an attempt to draw some of
the dead weight out of the lurker mode. It worked for a while...

There were some on the list that felt too "far superior" to join in with
their own cards so the hell with them.

Considering when I reply to a post how the topic dies, therefore this
thread is now classified as dead.

What's the next topic I should kill? Maybe I'll check out the card ideas
>>>>>Axlrose - ...<<<<<


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