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From: Apone <mpcheval@********.FR>
Subject: Just a few more questions
Date: Sun, 5 Apr 1998 19:43:14 +0200
I've just played a couple of games today and here' s what puzzled us:

1. In a two players game, can Even Steven get rid of the Humanis
Policlup Ganger when it makes a metahuman runner comming into play
turned ?

2. On Change of Plans the text says :"Play when a player announces a
shadowrun". But must COP be played before a player announces on which
objective he attempts a shadowrun or can it be play just after ?

3. Let's picture that one player has deployed a prime runner, for
instance Lord Torgo. If I play Abducted on it, the card is treated as
fragged until the end of its owner's next turn.
Meanwhile, I deploy Lord Torgo. So when the effect of Abducted are
cancelled, there's already this prime runner
in play. The runner targeted by Abducted should be trash.
Is that right ?

That's all I've got for now but I guess some more will be coming soon.
Thanks in advance for taking a look at these questions.

so long



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