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From: MLoki <MLoki@***.COM>
Subject: Re: Fixed-Fire Cannon combos?
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 11:40:33 EDT
In a message dated 98-04-04 11:38:56 EST, you write:

<< Quicksilver wrote:

> A) Turbo is riding down the street on his beat up old Harley with
the two
> shiny new Fixed-Fire Cannons mounted on it. Up ahead he spots some
> competition that needs to be taught a lesson. He reaches forward and
> unlimbers his Ranger-X bowfrom it's sling, burns 4¥ worth of ammo in the
> cannons, and proceeds to inflict 7+2D6 points of SILENT damage?

First, "silent" damage only matters on shadowruns; so let's imagine he's
hunting Hellhounds on a Critter Hunt.

In this case, the only damage that's silenced is the bow. Turbo deals
six damage from the bow alone, which is enough to crush the 'hound, so
he doesn't need to activate the cannons.

If it's on, say, Up and Over, then the 'hound is an 8/8, and Turbo needs
to activate the cannons. The miniguns, though, aren't keyed as silenced
themselves, so the alarm goes off.

> B) Same Turbo. He's heard rumors that there are some wimpy little
> and mages holed up in a Safehouse nearby so he takes a detour through the
> Z-Zone and busts them up. He's out of arrows so he pulls his trusty Uzi III
> loaded w/ Flechettes and proceeds to chew them up with (5+3d6)x2 points of
> damage (assuming they have no armor).

Only damage inflicting by the Uzi would be doubled: (5+1d6)x2 + (2d6).
There's no way to deploy Ammo on the Cannons, sadly. >>

In both cases I have to disagree. Since as he pointed out the "cannons" are
not a weapon and simply add to base damage, the "silenced" damage from the
Ranger X is everything including the burst fire.

and in the second case I believe that flechette rounds double the base damage
the runner does not just the guns damage.


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