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From: Crane <jack9@*********.NET>
Subject: Re: Hatchetman 2057 and Cyber-psychosis
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 20:37:50 -0700
>Hatchetman 2057 states that he ignores essence loss.
>Cyber-psychosis states that you add +1 to the die roll for each point of
>Essence lost.
>So the question is does H-2057's "ignore essence loss" mean that he has
>no essence lost since it the loss is ignored or does it still need to be
>counted with regards to Cyber-psychosis?

This came up a long time ago when I asked for my friend.
I got a resounding yes -cyberpsychosis still works.
Hatcehtman 2057's ability was intended to make him be able to equip with
whatever he wants, not to make him an exception to a balance card. I dont
care anymore, but my friend still does ;)


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