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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: Quincy Dev <QuincyDev@***.COM>
Subject: Gerald's want list
Date: Tue, 7 Apr 1998 00:08:16 EDT
OK, here is a wierd list, but I notice most people are just listing rares that
they need, well, the store that I go to didn't carry SR:TCG for long so I am
missing a lot. But I did get quite a lot, so, here is the schematic of my
list, I want 4 of all the common cards, so if you see one listed with
multiples, then it is a common I am trying to get up to 4 on. on the uncommons
and rares, I only want one of each I will list them in the order of the
checklist I got from the FASA sight, here goes, first what I want:

Grandfather Bones x 3 Jack Hammer x 3 Shellshock x 2
Stomper x 2 Syn x 3
Thrash x 3 Turbo x 3 Kraker Jack
The Mole Uncle Joe Viper
Wishbone Archie McDeven Bam Bam
Caeser Da' Profezzur Dirk
Montgomery Dr. Apocalypse Ghost who Walks
Grizzly High Brow Ice Queen
Kham Lord Torgo
Marek Moon Shadow Ravage
Ripper Sally Tsung
Scatter Skag
Skwaaaark Tempest Tin Man
Tiny Titan
Wheeler Hatchetan 2057
Vindicator Minigun x 2 Watcher spirit x 2 Yamaha
Raiper x 2
Defiance Shotgun Dermal Plating Doc
Extended Clip Heal
Armor-Piercing Ammo
Bullet Barrier Camo
Chipjack 3
Cortex Bomb Defiance Tazer Doberman
Patrol Vehicle
Doc Waggon(platnum) Gyro Stabilizer Heavy
Heavy Armor(partial) Hellblast Lucky
Wabbits Foot
Redirect Datatrail Remington 750
Skillsoft:Demolitions Skillsoft:Piloting
Smartgun Link Sticky Fingers
Maglock Key
Bounty Hunter x 2 Corp Secretary x 3 Elven
Hitman x 3
Media Chick x 3 Mr Johnson x 3 Troll
Yoshimo Chang Chop Shop Ares
Renraku Saeder-Krupp
The Festering Tusk The Z-Zone Fuchi
Assassination Cermak Blast
Courior Run
Critter Hunt Mob War
Cleanse the Hive
Dragon Hunt Dunkelzahn's Black Book Impossible
Kamikaze Run Room 5b78
Security Camera x 2
Security Drone x 2 Security Guards x 3 Sentry Gun
x 2
Street Scum x 2 Voiceprint ID x 3 Yak
Attack x 3
Chomps-2000 Guard Dog Elite Security Guards Anti Astral
Barny Phyffe Custom System Elite
Security Mage
Flock of Geese Guardian Earth Elemental Hellhound
Highway Showdown Incubus Motion
Runners on Retainer Security Decker Security
Steppin' Wulf Ambush The Big Chase Time
Delayed Bomb
Deja'Vu x 2 Green Apple Quicksteps x 3 Loaded Dice
x 3
Luck o' the Irish x 3 All or Nothing
Brain Freeze Tactics:Converge
Distraction False Mentor
Just a Rumor
Lofwyr's Schemes Major Drain Sudden
Suicide Run Block Party
Bugged Deck
Even Steven Abducted
Cyber-Psychosis Knock-Knock Rush Job

I know this list is long, but I realy want to get at least one complete set,
just let me know what you need, and I will see what we can work out, OK

Gerald King
Plus Ca Change

"My Chummers call me Black Panther"
"How ya doing Black Panther?"
"I said only my Chummers call me that drekhead!"


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