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From: Loki <daddyjim@**********.COM>
Subject: Re: [FASA] Policlubber and Spell Lock
Date: Tue, 7 Apr 1998 09:35:03 -0700
---Daniel M Perez <d028200c@**.SEFLIN.ORG> wrote:
> Yes, what? I wish they were a bit more detailed than just this. If
> the spell lock counts as using one of the alloted spells for the turn,
> then what is the use? It'll only be useful if you have one less spell
> than what you can carry and use, and want a double of it (eg. a
Sorcery 2
> with one Sleep with spell lock). If this is the way it works, thew I
> say that Spell Lock has lost all it's appeal to me.

Keep in mind it's only a 2 nu yen piece of gear. Spell Lock has it's

For example, in a game last Saturday I had Wildfire out with a Sleep
and Jinx on him. I drew my Spell Lock and played it on Sleep. (Sure I
may eventually get to the second Sleep in the deck, but I have the
Spell Lock on hand now and if the second spell does end up coming up I
can just play it on Tempest.)

Wildfire then went on a run with Drake and Red Widow. The last
Challenge they hit was Chomps. Since I didn't have the Social to
sleeze the pooch, and I didn't want to just go home, I hit him with
Sleep but rolled a 3. Since the Spell Lock gave me the first casting
without turning, I was able to turn Sleep and hit Chomps a second
time. This time I rolled 5 and trashed the Challenge allowing me to
move on and grab The Initiation.

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