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From: Loki <daddyjim@**********.COM>
Subject: Re: Poisoned Elves Strategy?
Date: Tue, 7 Apr 1998 18:22:13 -0700
---Felix Hoefert <FHoefert@********.DE> wrote:
> Hi Loki, and anyone interested!
> Iīve played several games with the last version of P.E., and
> severe difficulties. I might be a sucky player, but I donīt think so,
> since Iīve reached good tourney results in the past.
> Hereīs what usually happens: I get 3-6 Runners out. My opponent plays
> Torgo, kills my Runners. If I have them on hand, I play my Lokis and
> kill Torgo at the right opportunity. The problem is, it takes too long
> to recover for me, and I have to wait for the right time to play my
> Lokis. Metahuman Prejudice and Humanis Policlubber donīt usually get
> drawn early on, and even a killed Torgo can be redrawn via Squatter.
> All in all, the game becomes purely defensive for me, so even if I can
> hamper my opponent some, he manages to take the Objectives. I could
> some Torgos into my deck, but that would just increase the defensive
> play.
> I have decided to use a different deck until I see a solution to this.
> Hopefully You donīt consider the above whining, but losing 4 games
> zero Rep in a row certainly knocked me.

Zero rep? Ouch!

Torgo is admittedly an achilles heel to the deck. I've said that form
the beginning. I still believe 2nd Run will cure alot of that as 3
points of damage is easier to defend against than an automatic trashing.

Still, I haven't had the kind of difficulty you describe. Tony's Torgo
has put me on the defensive like that once, but only the once. It was
then I learned an interesting little strategy though. The first thing
he did when Torgo came out was trash my two Loki's. I stalled and
earned let the money build. Without much to do with Torgo, he started
using him on runs with Skwaaaaaark. Once I had enough money I realized
what a good idea it would be to use the Squatter to pull the Loki's
back, then put them into play and finish off an already wounded Torgo.
I didn't get the chance to actually do it as Tony was already only 15
points form winning when Torgo came out. Still, it's a good strategy
to try at a later date.

You can't build a deck to focus on countering the one card (Torgo)
without sacrificing strategy against other styles of decks.

You mentioned not being able to recover quickly. That's one problem I
haven't really had with the deck, and the reason I through in D-Day
Device. Hmmm...

I've made one change since I posted PE2, and that was swapping out
Loaded Dice for a second LAotL. Long Arm is a nice one for Torgo
(Skwraaaaaak too), as he has to turn to do his nastiness (if your
opponent runs with him, all the better). Granted it doesn't trash
Torgo, but going back to his hand takes money to bring him back out.
This can work for you. Also, if the Policlubber has come out in the
mean time, an arrested Torgo comes back in turned (ala Loki's).

Not that it matters, but are you playing with the full on deck yet?
Just curious as trading Widow for Cherry means you have one less
possible Ancient.

A couple of other tactics I've been considering, but haven't put
together or tested yet:

Cement Shoes. This would also preclude swapping a Runner for a 3rd
Loki or putting in a One of the Family, so you stand more of a chance
of having the required Mafia member. (The 3rd Loki may be the better
choice as his troll popping offers other possibilities.)

Yoshimo Chang. I had him in once before, you may wantto consider
adding him back in as he can sometimes stall Torgo that needed turn or

IQ x3. I've been thinking of trading out two Runners for a couple more
Ice Queens. Nu yen denial can be your friend against Torgo and Co. I
haven't worked out the exact mechanics, butit would be something like
a Red Widow and Redline traded for the extra two IQ's. Then you'd put
in supporting matrix gear (Sticky Fingers, Crash and Steam Roller or
Sleaze in place of Spell Lock, Uzi III and something else). Three IQ's
and a Sticky Fingers means a potential of poverty for an opponent.

Halloweeners over Ancients. Another possibility, though Ancients
really fits the elven theme is swapping the two for Halloweener HQ's.
Even though most elves wouldn't survive against a Torgo brute, they
don't need to. It may take a little work, but insight a Runner on
Runner attack (Wanted, Z-Zone, Interception, ...), send a geared up
Halloweener over to talk to Torgo (say an Initiated Widow w/ Muscle
Rep and the Shotgun), on 4+ that Troll ain't coming back in the game.
As I said, it can take some work but Widow becomes an Ancient often
enough in my games with the same kinda gear...

I really wish there was an elven Yak Runner, I love the looks of Poison.

Anyways, there's a few more ideas. I steered away from building alot
of anti-Torgo stuff into the deck as it makes it too specific for it's
own good.

I haven't had the same types of difficulties. Understand, I built the
deck and I may have other nuances I recognize in it and a playing
style that may not carry across to another playing when posting the
deck in email. It's hard to say.

Every deck will have it's strengths and weaknesses. For chinks the
armor, ours just happens to be in the form of a Troll Ganger Leader.
However, it's that's just one card out of hundreds and as more
expansions get released...

-== Loki ==-
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