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From: Phil Jaros <chakan@****.PYROTECHNICS.COM>
Subject: Re: Rookie Question
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 13:15:31 -0500
>Q1 :
>Can runners with Melee 2 use 2 Katana at the same time in fighting a challenge

Only if you play ambidextrous on the RUnner. (Ambidextrous is a card that
allows you to play two pistols or two HTH weapons on them)

>Q2 : Why have I to turn Banzai (Mafia Thug) first before I frag him to maybe
>thrash a Target Runner ?

Probably so if you have a Humanis Policlub Ganger out targeting Orcs he
can't hurt you for another turn... It also prevents him from doing
something before he frag's himself later that turn. Come to think of it
if he didn't need to turn he could do it just before he is killed on a
Shadowrun, which would be pretty lame... ;)

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