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From: "Ken Dirk (DrugDoc)" <dirkkenn@***.EDU>
Subject: Re: Not bad at all...
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 12:11:54 -0700
Jon Palmer wrote:
> Finally got my box of Underworld... sorting is INCREDIBLE (especially
> considering how bad it was in first run). Pulled a complete set out of one
> box, plus doubles of a couple of the cards I would've traded for had I not
> got them (Ninja Guard & Wildfire). The only real complaint I've got with
> the set so far is it seems that most of the "power" cards, except
> Challenges, are rare. Spell Lock being rare really hurts, as I felt that
> was an important card for the set. Oh well.
> Jon Palmer

Just curious as to what you consider to be the "power cards"?

Ken Dirk (DrugDoc)


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