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From: Noah Overton <NOAH_OVERTON@*************.OM.HP.COM>
Subject: Re: Magical awakening
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 13:44:27 -0700

<Felix has a great suggestion here. I would modify the above die roll
<in some way by penalizing a runner that has alot of cyberware already
<on him/her when "awakening."

<Ken Dirk (DrugDoc)
<i personally think that a die roll is good! but if so i think the
<cost should be like five or something because you dont know what u
<will get and think about it....10 nuyen for a possibility that you
<get what you want (either sorcery or conjuring), which really is not
<as powerful as say ... 10 nuyen for a skwraaaaaark. if it was 5
<nuyen and the roll then it would be playable and fun. you could make
<a ghetto selly tsung out of a runner. the limit of 1 per runner i
<personally dont like that much, everyone can get better at whatever
<they do, even if it is some new skill. i love the cyberwear penality
<though. how about:

<play on target runner and roll D6, +1 for each point of essence loss:
<1-3 runner gets +1 sorcery
<4-6 runner gets +1 conjure
<7+ no effect
<flavor text: "Awaken, and see the true world"

<this just my opinion to make the card more playable


how about a different card for each.
+1 sorcery
+1 conjure

keep the penetly for cyberware. -1 one to roll
0-1 burn out lose one point of sorcery or conjure
2-3 no effect
4-5 take 1 point of AP damage but get +1 sorcery or conjure
6 +1 sorcery or conjure
sorcery flavor text: "no pain, no bad a** mojo"
conjure flavor text: "the spirts demand a high price for failure"



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