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From: Felix Hoefert <FHoefert@********.DE>
Subject: Re: Poor Craftmanship and LotI (was Re: question...)
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1998 00:04:43 +0200
Loki wrote:
> ---"=Jens P." <a1616@****.UNI-BAYREUTH.DE> wrote:
> >
> > Well, but according to your list you only have 2 or 3 LotI in your
> deck -
> > and playing with me and my friends you'd need one for False Mentor,
> several
> > Wanteds, Cement Shoes and so on - so you'd be hard pressed to have
> some in
> > reserve when you need them ;-)
> True, I have two in the current version of the deck, which has changed
> again and needs to be reposted. That's all I really want to include, 4
> LotI's eats up card space from other things I want in the deck.
> Poor Craftsmanship isn't all that scary though. If I really want the
> bikes and don't have a current LotI to use, I can use the Squatter to
> pull them out again if and when I have to.
> Even then, Ancients are a fring benefit of the deck as it primarily
> sleazes Challenges rather than fighting them.
> On a side note, if Redline is trashed and the Squatter pulls her back
> to your hand, wouldn't it be correct in assuming that she would get
> the next bike for free after she's re-depolyed? IMHO it would be,
> otherwise you're really having to work to track which Redline was in
> the trash and now in your hand and now on the table...

Yes, since this Redline is supposed to be a new one, as being drawn from
the draw pile. ---Felix


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