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From: Loki <daddyjim@**********.COM>
Subject: [DECK] UGE Unlimited
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 22:46:00 -0700
Hey guys!

I was in a serious deck building mood tonight, and tackled the ol'
Poisoned Elves II with a major facelift.

I've created a spin off with dwarves and elves that I call:

>>70+8 deck<<

Runners (18)
- Cannonball
- Dante
- D-Day (x2)
- Drake (x2)
- Foxy Roxy
- Glitz (x2)
- Ice Queen (x2)
- Redline (x2)
- Red Widow
- Ro-Jin
- Sam the Sleuth
- Tempest
- Wildfire

Gear (15)
- Defiance Shotgun (x2)
- Defiance Taser
- Dermal Plating (x2)
- Fireball
- Harley Scorpion
- Jinx
- Muscle Replacement (x2)
- Redirect Datatrail
- Sleep
- Spell Lock
- Steamroller
- Stick Fingers

Contacts (5)
- Bounty Hunter
- Elven Hitman
- Humanis Policlub Ganger
- Shady Manager
- Squatter

Locations (2)
- Caves of Halferville
- Tir Tairngire

Specials (10)
- Halloweeners (x2)
- Leader of the Pack
- Lone Star Undercover
- Luck o' the Irish (x2)
- Metahuman Predjudice
- Nerps!
- State of Confusion
- Wanted

Challenges (20)
- Ancients' Turf
- Booby Trap
- Fusion Gate
- Guardian Dracoform
- Halloweener Hell
- Highway Showdown
- Killer Drone
- Lone Star Beat Cops (x2)
- Lone Star Patrol
- Mage Strike Force (x2)
- Maglocks (x2)
- Mine Field
- Nets
- Scatterbrain Raid
- Widow's Trap (x2)
- Yakuza Hit Squad

Objectives (8)
- Gang War
- Hell House
- Sucker Run
- The Doomsday Device
- The Initiation (x3)
- Turf War



The deck is a highly successful sleaze deck. I won't take the time to
break down the levels of skills included, but when coupled with the
magical and matrix support runner teams will walk through a LARGE
number of challenges.

The deck is also fast. I worked to keep the cost of Runners and Gear
fairly low. (Runners: 3 @ 3¥, , 6 @ 4¥, 4 @ 5¥, 5 @ 6¥. No gear costs
over 4¥ and none require additional costs like burst fire.)

The two locations also help to occasionally decrease runner deployment

The deck packs alot of nu yen denial for opponents (Ice Queens, Sticky
Fingers and Shady Manager), while offering you money (Glitz's, SF and

I left in some of the ol' Big Bully counter measures from the PE2
backbone, but was able to tone down a little as 1/3 of the Runners are
now dwarven.

The biggest change is from Ancients to Halloweeners with the Gang
HQ's. The strategy here is of course to hinder recycling of Runners
and Challenges. You start with four gangers and three Initiations to
make more.

I included a Wanted for possibly fragging a specific Runner if need be
(i.e. Torgo). However, I didn't want to eat up more Special slots with
Wanteds and Barfights, so I tossed in a multi-use SoC that may give a
chance to re-target another players Wanted or Bar Fight on occasion.

Your Objectives are pretty much the same as PE2. 3 ganger factories.
Two others benefit Gangers in one way or another. Sucker Run to bleed
Challenges. D-Day Device cuz you'll recover faster than Big Bully
decks. Hell House cuz it's fun.

I am looking to trade for a Z-Zone and Runners on Retainer to swap in
as they'll take further advantage of the Halloweeners.

Any other strategy questions...just ask.

-== Loki ==-
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