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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: Jon Palmer <jmp225@***.EDU>
Subject: Jon's Wacky Deck of the... time until he does another one.
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1998 15:35:35 -0400
Okay folks, this'll probably be an odd series. Basically, its decks that
can win, but probably won't, but are built around some weird and/or stupid
theme. Brought to you by (possibly) the first (only?) person ever to win a
64 person type 1 Magic tournament with a "Chick Deck."

Today's deck is known as "Every Man's Dream." It's based around six of
those things we know every (stereotypical) man loves... big guns,
explosions, hot women, harleys, rock n roll and gadgets. They're all in
there. Unfortunately, there's no UW except the challenges, just because I
didn't see anything really worth sticking in. Punch Drunk almost made it.
So here's the deck, with explanations.

4 Critter Hunt (It's coming right at us!)
2 Amazonian Hunt (Time to hunt the BIG game, boys!)
4 Sucker Run (I've come to the conclusion that EVERY theme deck should have
4 of these to slow the game down).

Now, for the meat of the deck:

Big Guns (and the men who use them):
2 Panther Assault Cannon
2 Vindicator Minigun
2 Bam Bam
2 Cannonball
2 Reaper (Don't fear the reaper!)
1 Lord Torgo (he's Bad to the Bone)

2 Cherry Bomb
3 Ajax
2 Arson

Hot Women:
3 Tinkerbell (wouldn't YOU go out with her? ;-)
2 Shasta

2 Harley Scorpion (the game needs another Harley, tho)

Rock n' Roll:
4 Thrash
4 Glitz

Gadgets (and users):
3 Kraker Jack
2 Fairlight Excalibur (who doesn't want a top-of-the-line computer?)
2 Black Hammer (insured by Sears for life!)
2 Roto Drone
2 Automated Patrol Vehicle (the Hummer)
1 Crash (when you let the woman drive the Hummer home)

Other Fun Stuff:
2 Bar Fight

3 Mine Field
3 Maglocks
2 Yakuza Hit Squad
2 Pressure Plates
1 Highway Showdown
1 The Big Chase
1 Lone Star K9 Unit (Man's best friend... yeah, right)
1 Chomps-2000 Guard Dog (Ditto)
1 Sim Sensation (oooooh...)
1 Electric Fence (never pee on an electric fence...)
1 Incubus (this should be a succubus, but hey, it hasn't been printed yet)
1 Hellhound (Torgo's best friend)
1 Genetic Monstrosity (aka Mother-in-law)
1 Meet the Family (meeting your girlfriend's dad)
1 Widow's Trap (She just wants my money! I know it!)

Enjoy. Get a laugh. Don't let your wife see you playing with Tinkerbell. :-)


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