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From: Loki <daddyjim@**********.COM>
Subject: Loki got some rares
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1998 12:42:29 -0700
Hey gang!

I came across a few more rares, and thought it time to post a revised
trade list (an update every three days seems to be the trend.

I was going to be updating my have/want lists on my page tonight, but
thought I'd post to SRCard and give you guys first shot.

I'm down to just looking for rares I want for deck building at the
time, so here goes:

I'll trade 1st Run and Underworld for either or.

For Trade:

1st Run
- Ice Queen
- Lord Torgo (will trade for 3 rares)
- Ravage (thinking of keeping, so must be good offer)
- Skillsoft: Piloting
- The Fatman
- Ares Macrotechnology (thinking of keeping, so must be good offer)
- Shadowland
- Room 5B78
- Guardian Earth Elemental
- Killer Drone

- Humbug
- Coffin Hotel
- Backdoor
- Secret Agenda


1st Run
- Drake
- Tempest (x2)
- Fuchi
- Z-Zone
- Big Chase
- Runners on Retainer

- Wildfire (x2)
- Widows Trap (x2)

-== Loki ==-
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