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From: Loki <daddyjim@**********.COM>
Subject: Re: New guy, veteran player
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1998 14:38:00 -0700
---Ryan Thorstensen <sl1yv@**.USU.EDU> wrote:
> Hey there,
> I just subscribed to the mailing list today.

Welcome to the list. I thought the Bull-bot was active for greeting
our new members, but I haven't seen it posting to the list of late.

One quick thing. You're mailer is overriding the SRCard address with
your personal one in the Reply-To field. Can you check on clearing
that, otherwise most replies will go to you directly and not post to
the list.

> The group I play with usually plays on Saturdays,

Sounds like me and Tony Glinka (with Asher, Rookie and Caric thrown in
on occasion). ;o)

> this Saturday is a confirm, and this will be
> the first time I play with Underworld cards. I'm thinking a heavily
> based ganger deck using the ganger HQ cards included in the Underworld
> release. I've got all three ganger HQ's, so options are open. Any
> suggestions?

Actually, there are five Ganger HQ's:
- Ancients
- Scatterbirains
- Razorheads
- Halloweeners
- Trogs

I've been playing with the Ancients as an anchor in my Poisoned Elves
II deck (can be found on my web page). And then just yesterday I
rennovated the deck into UGE Unlimited with the Ancients Swapped out
for Halloweeners. (UGE Ultd isn't posted to my page yet, but email in
private and I can send you the deck build).

I love Ancients in the all-elf deck as a Harely Scorpion gives an elf
ganger (a base of Redlines Initiations to make more) +3/+0 (A+3). Lets
the elves with naturally weaker bodies rumble in the same arenas as
the orks and trolls.

I'm looking now at playing Halloweeners as it will hinder those
opponents that like to recycle Challenges and Runners. In a speed deck
like UGE Unlimited that can be a boon.

> Just a question. The store I get my cards from told me that there
> are only Underworld boosters not complete decks, which doesn't make
> sense to me because the boosters don't include any rules for arrest
> virus token use. (This guy who sells the cards isn't exactly a
> brainiac, so I'm thinking he doesn't have clue, thus leaving me in the
> dark.) Are there additional rules avaliable (online maybe), and where
> can I get them?

Nope, Underworld is a Booster only expansion. No additional rules as
arresting and virus tokens are pretty much straightforward as
persented on the cards. You're in an excellent forum for getting
questions answered and accessing rules clarification.

You might also bookmark and look through the SRCard Q&A, an archive of
past questions and answers on the list. You'll find it at Tony's site:

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