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From: Norman McLeod <mcleodn@***********.NET>
Subject: Re: Newbie Deck building.
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 1998 00:45:25 -0400
>As for deck building basics:
>Don't go over 70 cards (not counting Objectives).

Definitely true, a deck over 70 cards is a deck from which you'll never get
the cards you need.

>The formula in the RBT works well. I usually go with 18-20 Runners. 20
>Challenges. 7-10 Combined Contacts & Locations. 10 Specials. 10-15 Gear.

I generally use less Contacts and Locations and count my famous runners up
and above those I would send on runs

>Don't have more than two types of "specialists" in a deck: Mages,
>Shamans, Riggers or Deckers. You'll suffer from lack of supporting gear.

This I definately dissagree with. My deck has 4 Riggers, two supporting
cards, 3 Deckers, 3 supporting cards, no shamans, and a pile of mages and
spells, and it works just fine. Of course, it is a sleaze deck, and I find
this variety nescecary for getting the right mix of skills

>Combine Objectives that offer bonuses with Challenges that will benefit.

Or runners that make them easier to obtain and capitalize on (a good example
is rockers and Ragnorock)

>Look for combos between Runners, Gear, Contacts/Location and Specials
>but only work in three or so. Too many combos require too many
>what-ifs in drawing the cards.

I agree, I don't have any combo's in my deck, but that's just the way things
worked out, and I think it is perfectly effective to have a few nasty two
card combos up your sleeve. (Yellowjacket and Skidz is deadly)


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