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From: Brett Borger <bxb121@***.EDU>
Subject: Re: SoC
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 1998 16:58:39 EST
> Ok, here's some posers I came up with on State of Confusion (SoC).
> You may choose a new, legal target for a Special card just played.
> Unique. Choose a target Gear card (except Spirits and Drones) and
> treat Nerps! as an exact duplicate of that card.
> Tony goes to Nerps! a copy of Muscle Replacement for Skwaaaaaark
> only to find Nerps! is a copy of his Glitz's Walther Palm Pistol
> instead. :o)

Hmm. Because Gear isn't targeted, I'd have to agree with you that
you select the target Gear card. (Unlike several others apparently)

> Now here's the twist. Let's say Tony is again Nerpsing the H-man's
> Muscle Rep for his Skwaaaaaark. I toss out SoC and instead target it
> to duplicate my Ice Queen's Redirect Datatrail. Tony doesn't have
> any Deckers out. Can he tuck the Nerps'd RD back in his hand for
> when he can get Caeser out? Does it stay a copy of RD in that case?

Tuck: No, as it had to have been played for SoC to have been used.
Does it stay out then? Yes, as a Decker who is Goblinized loses all
skills, but can keep decking gear. Thus, Skwaaark was a valid user
of the gear when it was played. Once it is played, it stays out
regardless of the condition of the runner. thus, SoC can render
Nerps useless (although the new Gear can be traded!)

> Same type of scenerio except I know Tony doesn't have any Mages in
> the deck so I target Nerps on my Tempest's Combat Fetishes. Does
> Tony just discard the Nerps in this case, as he has no practical way
> to use the CF copy?

See above. Whomever tony was going to enhance gets a CF. Useless,
but they've got it. (Scatterbrains perhaps?)

> Ok, a different twist on SoC. Sudden Goblinization (SG).

I'm feeling wise. Bring it on! :)

> Target Human Runner is transformed into an Ork or troll (owner of
> Sudden Goblinization chooses). Modify the target Runner's Threat
> Rating as follows: Ork: +1/+1, Troll: +2/+2 (A+1) and target Runner
> loses all skills.
> Tony is wanting to beef up Turbo a bit, and tosses out SG while
> saying that Turbo is monkeying-out and becoming an ork. I think it'd
> be more interesting a different way. If I use SoC on his SG, can I
> target H-man instead and make him a troll (thus taking his skills)?
> Is the choice of race part of the targetting of the card, or since
> Tony had already said it was to make Turbo an ork as the card is
> coming out, is the race already locked in? (Potential
> speed/slap-fest issue.)

Actually, it doesn't matter when the race gets "locked" in, since
Tony is still the "owner" of SG. (regardless of where it ends up).



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