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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: Daniel M Perez <d028200c@**.SEFLIN.ORG>
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 1998 11:41:26 -0400
Hello, fellow Shadowrunners. Well, after my trip to the GAMA Trade Show
and a visit to the FASA booth, I am pleased to announce the following. I
was given by Jill Lucas a small supply of Underworld Promo cards to give
out to you people out there, a way of saying thanks for all the support
we've given them. Now, since there aren't enough cards to give out to
everybody, Loki and I came up with this simple contest.

There are 5 questions below. Your objective: answer all five correctly.
Each answer is worth 5 points, except the last one, which is worth 1
point per correct entry (see below). Simple, chummers. Go ahead and read
the questions below, and read the prizes afterward.


Q. What date did SRCard officially go on-line?

Q. What name/title did FASA give to it's first offical
multi-player/multi-round set of SRTCG tourney rules?

Q. Which magazine declared the SRTCG as it's readers poll Best CCG of
the Year?

Q. Of the "Big Eight" megacorps, which three are not yet represented by
a Location in the SRTCG?

Q. Name the first offical 2nd Run promo we are aware of.

Q. Name as many artisit signature or copyright line Easter Eggs as you
can. (i.e. - Fireball: Ron "Face-lift" Spencer)


Top 3 scores will receive a set of one (1) each:
The Skills to Pay the Bills, Genetics Lab, King of the Hill, Nerps!

Next 2 highest scores receive one (1) of each:
Genetics Lab, King of the Hill, Nerps!

5 random entries will receive one (1) of the following:

All entries *must* be sent to me via private mail, and *any* entry sent
to the list will be immediately disqualified, and cause the contest to be
reset with new questions. Include the subject [TRIVIA CONTEST!] in your
entry for ease of sorting.
Both myself and Loki will be judging this contest. The contests starts
today, Saturday April 11 until Tuesday April 14 at Midnight. All entries
*must* be date stamped before the deadline.

Many thanks go to our Fearless Leader, Loki, for all the help in bringing
this contest to you. If you have any complains about the difficulty of
the questions, blame him! ;)

This is my little way of giving back to the coolest game in town, and to
the fellow members of this list. Enjoy and I wish good luck to you all.
Let the Shadowrun begin!

Till paths meet,

Daniel M. Perez | Miami Star Wars CCG Tournament Director
highmoon@*********.com | Rebel Gamers of Miami - Rebel Leader
"Tears on the sleeve of a man, don't wanna be a boy today."
-Tori Amos, "Pretty Good Year"


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